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Adventures of Benny the Bear….Making Friends


Today the girls made new friends for Benny….a snowman & a snow kitty.  I love how much fun
they are having with this school project.  Sadly, our weekend is coming to an end and
tomorrow’s their last day with Benny.

This post is part of my Beautiful journey series where I share a photo a day of something special in my life

Beautiful Journey

“When you rush through life it becomes a race, but when you enjoy each moment it becomes a beautiful journey.” ~Apoorve Dubey

If you read either one of my blogs, you know I truly believe with all my soul that it’s the little moments in our lives that fills our life with happiness & joy. It’s the beauty of those moments that transform our lives, creating memories to forever cherish.
In 2015, I was in a creative rut, one that I couldn’t seem to get out of.  I didn’t take nearly as many images as I normally do, and at the end of the year, when I went through & picked my favorite images to print, I was completely saddened by the lack of images.  I mean I only had 1 or 2 of all my 5 kids together for the whole year!  Pretty soon my oldest will be 18 and when he’s off making a place for himself in the world and I will looking for those images to comfort me during his absence.
A few days later, I was checking out a few of my favorite blogs and saw the recaps of their year through images and my heart broke. This is something I truly regret. Something I feel I missed out on because I couldn’t dig myself out of the creative hole I was in.  So with the new year beginning, I’m determined to not repeat last year’s mistake, it’s time to jump back in and start doing what I love to do best…….photographing & exploring our the world around us. My photography is something I do for myself, as well as my children.  Yes, they enjoy it as much as I do.  We spend many a nights looking at old images, talking about what happened in them.  But I also love sharing the meaningful images or images I’m proud of with like minded people.  Which is where my 1st 2016 photography project began.
This is a 365 project that that highlights & documents the beauty in our everyday.  And “Beautiful Journey” was born.

“Living the country life helps you appreciate some of the simpler things,  things that make us feel good about ourselves.” ~Unknown

Please check back daily for my new images. I will accompany them with a quote, story, poem, or sometimes with nothing at all.  But since I’m a quote gal, you can bet there will be quite a few of them.  🙂  If you are doing your own 365 or another photography or creative project, please leave me a link in the comments so I can follow along. There’s a lot of new things happening with Ever Changing over this next year, hope you’ll come back regularly & check them out.

What do you do to get yourself out of a creative rut?

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Our World Tuesday

Love these photos so much I had to share.  You can read the story behind it on my other blog, Living Intentionally Simple.  But this is the 1st time I’ve had good Christmas tree pics.  I can never get the lighting the way I want it.
_RYA1050-1 re5t6yu

Ice Cream Social


A few weekends ago, our local elementary school held an ice cream social as a way to build more community within our school.  Our elementary school, seems to have lost a lot of the community it once had within it and there is a bunch of us trying hard to get it back for our children.  We figured an ice cream social is a way for us to come together as well as a way for children to meet & play with other children they normally wouldn’t.  Plus, incoming Kindergarteners were invited, some meeting children they will be in class with in the fall.
Beside ice cream sundaes we had airplane making station which you could race them in different hoops, sack races, bubble….hula hoops….& ball station.   The coolest thing was the banner station though, where we wrote welcome back and each kid & adult could add their handprints and/or a nice design to it, which will greet them in the fall.  Here’s some images that highlight this fun event…..




What does your school do for community building?

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Angry Birds

_RYA0257 (2)_fused


This is what I got when I asked my son for a picture during our camping trip.  Is it just my boys or do all boys dislike their pictures being taken?

Catching Tadpoles




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6 Year Blessing

**this post is #69 in my 365 project**

6 years ago, god had put me on a different path than I had planned.  He blessed me with this little ray of sunshine, that brightens up each and every day we spend together.
ari 1-1 ari 2-1 ari 3-1 ari 4-1 ari 5-1 ari 6-1

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