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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: What is Beautiful to You

I had so much fun with this challenge……..Too much fun……..I had so many pics to choose from but below are my favorite ones…….showing you what is beautiful to me.  And in the captions, I explained why.  Enjoy~

2012-12-23 14.52.35

My 5 children & their spirits

2012-12-23 16.37.29

My marriage, the love we have, and the home we built together.


bonding w/ my daughters during her special moments


Sharing my love for photography with my eldest daughter doing our 1st ever creative shoot.


My 1st flower photo


he’s beautiful to us because we love him




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Fun Fall Wedding

I had the opportunity to be the 2nd shooter of super fun wedding.  My sister in law asked me to team up with her to take pics of one of her high school friend’s wedding.  This was one of the funnest weddings I ever shot.  The couple made me smile and laugh the whole time.  Since I was the 2nd shooter, my goal was to be creative and throw my own spin on things, which I feel I accomplished well.  I am far from being a professional photographer.  I don’t think I will ever get there because I simply don’t want to.  I have a lot of fun photographing my way with my style.  And I was able to showcase it below with my pics of this fun couple.  Enjoy~

Liz 2 Liz 1 liz 3.1 liz 3 Liz 8 Liz 7 Liz 6


J25.1J25Liz 5 Liz 10 Liz 12 Liz 13 Liz 20.1 Liz 18 Liz 14 Liz 17 Liz 22 Liz 20 Liz 16 Liz 23.1 Liz 23 Liz 24


Getting Lost

Getting Lost can be lots of fun.

2014-10-05 11.31.14-1_tonemapped2014-10-05 09.49.12_tonemapped2014-10-05 09.48.48-2_tonemapped

Am I the only one, or do other people love getting lost?  What gems have you found in your journeys?





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Ear of Corn


2013-10-20 10.47.29_tonemapped


“Whoever makes two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before, deserves better of mankind, and does more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together” ~Jonathan Swift



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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Chilled

Here is my entry for this week’s one word photography challenge……..which one is your favorite?







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