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Prompt Stomp Week 9- Calling ALL Photographers

Photographing Christmas lights has to be one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. Whether colored or B&W I just love how they look, there’s never a bad image with them in the back ground or even as the main subject.  Below is my contribution to this week’s prompt “Light” over at The Momhood.
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Beautiful Places

Sharing some photos from my other site.

Living Intentionally Simple

As some of you noticed, I haven’t had a presence on here for a while.  It has been difficult working away from home and keeping up with my family life, let alone my blogging life.  But my work is over, the season has ended, which means I once again have time for blogging.


I’ve written this post numerous times with numerous topics because I didn’t know what I wanted to share or where to begin. So, I thought the best thing to do was to share a few images I took while traveling for work. Traveling was the best part of job. If any of you have been on here long, you know how much I love exploring new places. The images above are a few places that I thought was absolutely stunning.  I’ve survived my  st season as a school portrait photographer, just in time for some holiday blogging fun.

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