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6/365 Remember

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”

― A.A. Milne




5/365- Once Was




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4/365- It’s Hard Being 4: Ari’ Berri’s 8 Reasons Why


Being 4 is hard.  Some days I am full of laughter, joy, excitement, and silliness.  But then there are the other days, that just stink.  Those days are full of sadness, misunderstandings, frustration, and boredom.  Did I tell you, being 4 is hard.  Here are my reasons why:


1. I’m not a big kid and not a baby

2. Don’t get to do fun things like my 6 year old sister does…..ex. girl scouts, field trips, or riding the bus

3. Things aren’t fair

4. I always fall asleep before everyone, even when I try to stay up

5. People don’t always listen to me……..lots of times I have to yell to get my voice heard

6. My cheeks get squeezed a lot

7. Teachers and adults still need to help me when I do projects

8. Sometimes sharing stinks

But the do you know what……..the best thing about being 4 is: I am closer to 7…….which means Disney World vacation  🙂



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3/365 Beloved Childhood Treasure

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.” ~Helen Keller



For most of us, when we were younger, we had certain stuffies or blankets or that certain something that we couldn’t part or live without.  For some, their attachment lasts a long time, depending how important this item is to them.  I myself had a Teddy Ruxpin (yup, I just completely aged myself, hahahaha) and I had my dirty & holey yellow blanket I called Blankie.  I know I know, I wasn’t very original, it was before my creativeness came to the surface.   I couldn’t separate from my blanket till around 10 yrs old.  By then it was just a small piece of a full sized blanket.

My girls took after their mom, since one has a blanket and one has a piggy.  But lately, this bear has been the object of their love.  They even share it well, making sure each of them plays and snuggles with it.  But don’t worry, they always go back to their special blanket & piggy.  Those are lifetime friends……..their beloved.  What was your most beloved childhood treasure?




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2/365- Forgotten

On a walk I took the girls, at our favorite walking, biking, dog walking spot, we finally made it almost to the end and found this hidden and forgotten gem.  Normal people might not consider this a gem, but as many know, I am far from normal.  You can’t be normal when your a photographer.

I love old building since they have character and so full of history and untold stories.  This particular building is located in Massachusetts, just over the border.  What you can’t see is that on the other side of this old mill, is a cool playground.  I plan on doing many walks on this trail with the girlies & Ben, having fun on the playground, stopping for a picnic or snack, then hiking back.  Doesn’t that sound like an awesome mellow day?  What would be your perfect mellow day look like?





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1/365- Whimsical

For some time, I thought about doing a project 52, like I did many moons ago.  But I kept looking at my 365 that I did and remembered how much I really loved it.  Seeing how far I have come with my photography, seeing how much I have grown is awesome.  It’s something I will always cherish, no matter what age I am.  Another thing I noticed, was when I stopped doing my 365, I slowly stopped taking photos daily & stopped challenging myself to think of new ideas, to think outside the box.  I guess you can say that I had a “photography block.”  I really didn’t know where I wanted to take my photography, which direction to go in.  Till now.

This year is a big year for us, with a 2 major milestone for my family.  No time is better to start this, than now, right?   Since I have a few projects I am currently working on, I decided that I will combine those projects together, to help make up my 365.  But don’t worry, this isn’t the only project I am working on.  There are few others I will  be sharing down the road.

To make my 365 unique, to make it mine, I decided I will be exploring more with creative/artistic/fine art photography.  This is an area of photography that I have always loved.  I know not everyday will be creative or artistic, after all that isn’t realistic.  But if I can have at least 1/4 of my project dedicated to exploring my artistic side, I would be more than happy with it.  Here is the beginning of my 365…… is the beginning of my new adventure…… is the beginning of my artistic journey……..Here is my day 1.

2013-02-05 15.54.38

To me this photo is whimsical and soft, just as I intended it to be.  I wanted the focus to be her eyes with a hint of rosy color in her cheeks & lips.  This is my 1st attempt at creating a creative/ fine art/ artistic photo.  I had lots of fun creating this photo, can’t’ wait to dabble more with my creative side.  I am really loving this photo of my little Squishy-beans.



It’s Not Easy Being Green

Silent Sunday

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