3/365 Beloved Childhood Treasure

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.” ~Helen Keller



For most of us, when we were younger, we had certain stuffies or blankets or that certain something that we couldn’t part or live without.  For some, their attachment lasts a long time, depending how important this item is to them.  I myself had a Teddy Ruxpin (yup, I just completely aged myself, hahahaha) and I had my dirty & holey yellow blanket I called Blankie.  I know I know, I wasn’t very original, it was before my creativeness came to the surface.   I couldn’t separate from my blanket till around 10 yrs old.  By then it was just a small piece of a full sized blanket.

My girls took after their mom, since one has a blanket and one has a piggy.  But lately, this bear has been the object of their love.  They even share it well, making sure each of them plays and snuggles with it.  But don’t worry, they always go back to their special blanket & piggy.  Those are lifetime friends……..their beloved.  What was your most beloved childhood treasure?




My Memory Art

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