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Quiet Beauty

Cold blistering days = Quiet beauty1.365

I love days like this……..when I go for a drive and every I look I see the beauty in the stillness, the beauty in the quiet.


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The beginning

With all good stories there is a beginning. The beginning isn’t always the very beginning, it could just be where the story starts before it takes off.  For me, my life has been one big soap opera, never a dull moment.  Throughout it all, the best way for me to tell my story is through my pictures. 

Photography, oh how I LOVE it!  Nothing is more rewards or therapeutic that going out on a photo journey.   Being able to express myself, tell my story without words, be as creative as I want, & show others how I see the world is amazing to me.

I wanted a space that is dedicate for my photography & thought provoking journal writings which I am calling—-my photo essays.  I wanted a place where I can share my photography & writings with whomever wants to see it, spreading all the beauty around me, help and/or encourage others.  The horrors & nightmares of our world have taken over, since that’s what we hear about 90% of the time.  Just watch any news station, it’s depressing.  I wanted more than anything to start seeing the beauty….the joy in our/my world again and showcasing it.

I have a blog right now, that I use for my family life since I don’t have a Facebook (yes I know I am one of the weird few who don’t have one).  I have another blog that I use for all my ideas & thoughts running through my head, like crafts or saving money.  I am very much interested in these things, but for some reason I can’t seem to get my head into the game for this blog.  I don’t know why but I just can’t.

That’s when I realized I didn’t have anything for the number 1 thing that I love to do….my number 1 passion, my hobby—-for my photography.  So here I am starting my own photography blog, in my itty bitty corner of the world.

I have two major goals for my blog:

1. to share my world, what I see, and how I see it.

2. to encourage and help you along your journey through my writings, unique sense of humor, helpful & inspiring links, & beautiful photography (which I hope will help remind you of the beauty in our everyday)

So sit back, get comfy because this is just the beginning……..


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