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27/365 Warmth

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Wordless Wednesday Link Up

Today, is the 1st time I am co hosting a Wordless Wednesday party. Wordless or not, come check it out ūüôā

Living Intentionally Simple

For the month of April, I joined 16 wonderful ladies to co-host Wordless Wednesdays.  This is my 1st link up which I’m excited be a part of.  This wordless Wednesday is different than other, since your post doesn’t have to be wordless, so everyone can participate.  This is a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, check out new blogs, read interesting content, view wonderful images (for those who choose to stay wordless) & mingle.

The Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday is all about getting to know new blog friends as they are highlighted in our post each week. Our Wordless Wednesday is One Party on (17) blogs and this week!! Your link is spread across almost 29,000 followers!!
This Month Marks the 6th Year Anniversary for Oh My Heartsie Girl and to celebrate we are giving away $50.00 in PayPal Cash!!! //Did You Miss Last Weeks Party
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26/365 What Once Was

Letting Go of What Once Was


Time passes slowly now
that you are no longer here,
Moments have turned into hours,
hours have turned into years.
What are you thinking of each night
when your eyes roll into the dark,
Are you concocting new wishes?
Confused upon which journey to embark.
Don’t worry yourself with old feelings,
they get washed away in new streams.
Enjoy tomorrows meandering rivers,
that’s where you will find bigger dreams.
Let sleep invade on your sorrows,
tear stained pillows dry in the night.
Never give up the vibrant you,
the strong you who took the first flight.
Waiting won’t do you any good,
precious time ticks on by,
Know that there are no forevers
no matter how hard we try.
~Lilly Gibbons



Word-Snap-Weekly-Badge-©-uniqueartchic.comCome join in with this fun creative challenge hosted each Sunday by Amanda at Unique Art chic.  

25/365 Unique Easter Hunt

Beaver Brook¬†Association in Hollis New Hampshire is a fantastic place, I just happened to hear about last year. ¬†The place is amazing & we love visiting it as much as we can. ¬†They have numerous trails, activities, & events like fitness hikes & summer camps. ¬†Each year they¬†host an egg hunt along one of their short trails. ¬†They guarantee every kid will get 10-12 eggs, which are filled with little candies, stickers, or small treats. ¬†You get some really great pics plus the kids get to have some fun. ¬†We all had a blast and we couldn’t wait to do it this year. ¬†Sadly, due to all the snow we have gotten, they had to cancel¬†it. ¬†Since it was supposed to be today, I decided to share our pics from last year. ¬†If your local, check them out at Beaver Brook.
2014-04-12 12.35.53_tonemapped 2014-04-12 12.27.46 2014-04-12 12.33.22 2014-04-12 12.34.02 2014-04-12 12.36.31 2014-04-12 12.38.54 2014-04-12 12.46.34
And once we finished I went to a broken down bridge I love and took a few more pics….
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A to Z Challenge In April

For the month of April, this blog will be taking part in a challenge, so my posting schedule will be a little different because I am participating in the A to Z blogging challenge. ¬†Have you heard of this? ¬†It’s where you are challenged to write everyday in the month of April starting with the 1st and using the letter A for a post. ¬†I read this and thought what a great way to do more with your blog, have fun, meet new bloggers, & dig a little deeper into your blogging theme. ¬†For this blog, I will be putting my creative cap on and each day’s image will be around the letter of the day. ¬†I’m hoping I can come up with ¬†some creative ideas.
If you are interested in doing your own A to Z challenge here is some information about this challenge:
“To provide an example:¬† My “A” topic in the first year’s challenge was a debate¬†using¬†April Fool’s Day. ¬† In 2011 my “B” topic was Blog Boggled–a regular feature on my blog. ¬† ¬†For the letter “C” one could use candy or cake and post a recipe. ¬† ¬†D could inspire a post about the letter grade”D” as you might receive on a test in school. ¬† Maybe F could be represented by FE, the symbol for iron.
Try to be inventive and surprise us.¬† Hopefully your posts will be at least 100 words to show that you really put some kind of effort into your post. ¬† Creativity can certainly come in less than 100 words. In 2011 Doris Plaster wrote a series of 50 word stories that eventually she published in book form. ¬†If all you do normally is post a quote or something short, then keep it in the alphabet theme.¬† Don’t worry about your blog’s subject matter– this will work for absolutely any blog.¬† If you only post about food or animals or crafts or whatever, you can come up with alphabetized themes.¬†” taken from A to Z

To join in on the fun,¬†click here¬†to join the 1300+ bloggers already signed up. ¬†If you are joining in, please let me a comment below to let me know, so I can follow your challenge. ¬†I’d love to see what ideas you come up with. ¬† ūüôā
Will you join me with this challenge?


I couldn’t think of a name for this so I’m asking for help. ¬†What would you name this?
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23/365 The Best Thing

“When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit,¬†
or to make a conversation.  
I say it to remind you that you’re the best thing that ever
happened to me.” ~ Unknown

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