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Cold As Ice



37/365 Ice

Will spring ever come?
The last two days has been filled with rain, sleet, snow, & ice.


Today marks the 9th day of a month long challenge that I’m taking part in called Blogging A to Z.  If you to want to look me up on the list, I’m #1099.  My theme for this month is words associated with photography.  Share with me any ideas, thoughts, or topics of interest you would like me to cover.  Doing the challenge yourself, let me know so I can follow you.  Join me each day for my Exploring Photography A to Z.    

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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Chilled

Here is my entry for this week’s one word photography challenge……..which one is your favorite?







Ice Bits

This winter has been crazy………last night’s ice storm was short but long enough for me to take a neat picture of my walk way. Ice bits all along my walk way.  Neat huh?  Well, I thought so.


Ice Cold Valentine

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