Ice Cream Social


A few weekends ago, our local elementary school held an ice cream social as a way to build more community within our school.  Our elementary school, seems to have lost a lot of the community it once had within it and there is a bunch of us trying hard to get it back for our children.  We figured an ice cream social is a way for us to come together as well as a way for children to meet & play with other children they normally wouldn’t.  Plus, incoming Kindergarteners were invited, some meeting children they will be in class with in the fall.
Beside ice cream sundaes we had airplane making station which you could race them in different hoops, sack races, bubble….hula hoops….& ball station.   The coolest thing was the banner station though, where we wrote welcome back and each kid & adult could add their handprints and/or a nice design to it, which will greet them in the fall.  Here’s some images that highlight this fun event…..




What does your school do for community building?

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