10/365- There Once Was A Girl


“There once was a little girl whose beautiful and spirit was beyond compare.  When she was born, her mother realized, that her beautiful little girl held a special gift, a sort of magic that no one else across the land possessed.  For her daughter had a special gift, the gift of inner beauty.”


J.J. & one of her best friends

J.J. & one of her best friends

When I looked at this pic, the above passage just came to me, popped into my head.  Ya, I am weird like that.

My daughter (the one in the stripes) is such a beautiful girl inside and out.  Sure, there are lots of people who are beautiful on the outside (god or man made), but it is truly a gift when some is equally beautiful on the inside.  Growing up was hard for me, since there was so much emphasis on beauty and what our society deems is beautiful at that moment.  As our society ages, it put more emphasis on our woman and young girls.  I am glad, that somehow through my parenting, I have been able to raise such a beautiful girl.  I just hope that I am able to nurture it, so that her special gift, doesn’t fade away.


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