Blogging 101: Intro

Hey there,

I have been blogging for about 2 months, give or take.  I am not a completely new blogger, but I still have a was to go.  I decided to join a group of other newbie bloggers, to help me with my blog.  I have a pretty long about me page, which you can find the link for it above, but for this post, I will add a few additional things about me.

Fun Sera Facts:

* Because of my illness & medication, I have gained 60lbs.  I am trying hard to lose my weight, which I am determined to do so

* It has taken me a long time, but I’m getting my groove back 😉

* I enjoy being alone, giving myself my own time

* I love photography, which anyone can see if they looked around at my blog

* I love playing in the rain with my kiddos

* 8 is my favorite number

Originally, I started this blog, to have a place that I can share my photography with other people.  It would have a place to refer others to, if they wanted to see my latest and greatest pics.  But over the course of the last two month, I have changed gears.  I went from just adding photos with little writing, to actually writing something substantial along with my pics.  I enjoy both equally.

My intention for my blog is to connect with other like minded people, who enjoy the things that my blog offers.  I would love to have 100 followers within a years time, which is a goal of mine.  I just want to build a place people enjoy coming too.

Here’s to a fun adventure meeting new and interesting like minded people, connecting, and sharing ideas.  Thanks for reading.


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