Black N White Wednesday: Nuthing But A Good Time

This week is our school vacation.  We so needed it right now.  The only thing that stinks about Feb vacation is that it is too cold to do much of anything.  It’s not like April vacation, where the weather is usually nice, you can spend a good amount of time outdoors & you don’t need to spend much money doing that.

We didn’t have much planed for this week, other than going to a fun place with Nicole & her two cuties.    Yesterday we went to an indoor playground place called Nuthing But A Good Time.  When we walked in, it reminded me of CoCo Keyes with the whole tropical theme.  The kids were excited and couldn’t wait to go run around.  Overall, the place wasn’t bad.  The kids got to run around and play on numerous things & numerous slides, Nicole & I were able to enjoy some adult time, I ran into Julie and she hung out with us for a bit, the food was ok, and the bathrooms were clean.  The price wasn’t to bad, but I do wished that I didn’t have to pay for myself, that parents were free, like other indoor playground places.  That’s the cheapness in me 😉

2014-02-25 15.40.46

2014-02-25 15.40.54

I love how close our kids are.  Her daughter is in Squishy’s grade and her son is in school my with Berrianna. I love how well our kids get along and truly enjoy each others company.  They were so cute together.  A lot of times Ari is fighting to get Alyssa’s friend attention but with Mia it’s different.  There isn’t that fighting, since they are all friends.  All 3 of girls had fun together, holding each other making a train zooming down the slide.  The little man either followed along or went on his own.  It was a good day.  So, if you get a chance and you have kids 7 or under, check out Nuthing But A Good Time in Merrimack NH.  Doesn’t this sound like a paid advertisement?  But I swear its not.

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