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Help Support MS Walk 2015

Every year, my husband and some of his co-workers participate in a charity event.  Last year, they took part in a tough mudder event, that was awesome, but I wasn’t able to take part in it, due to my health issues.  This year,they are doing the MS walk on June 21st in Wakefield Mass, and I’m taking part in it.  Since my health has been improved and I’ve been in a remission of sorts, I have two goals with this walk:

1. to actually finish the walk with my family (which is a huge feat in itself for me) &
2. reach my fundraising goal of $25

I have a small financial goal since so many of us, me included, don’t have the money to put towards this or any cause.  I am asking anyone who is able or willing to donate $1 to help me reach my goal, would consider doing so.  Then it will only take me 25 people to reach my goal,which I feel is completely doable.  If you live close enough and want to join, please feel free to join our team, the more the merrier.  I would love a chance to connect with some of my subscribers out there.  What a great way to do so.
Here’s the link that will bring you to the page for donating, joining our team, or both MS WALK.  I know times are tough, but any donations on behalf of this great cause is much appreciated by me and others who participate & suffer from this terrible illness.  Thank you for your support 🙂

*If you are able to share this post with others, it would help get the word of mouth out there for me, I would greatly appreciate it.*

**If you are a subscriber to both of my sites, sorry for the double posting, I just wanted to share this with as many people as possible.  Thanks for understanding.**


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