Fun W/ Photography & Digital Art Group

Starting today for the 2 weeks (not counting Fridays), I will be doing a photography group at my girl’s school.  They have this program called Pick Your Own (PYO) Enrichment, where kids get to pick a group they want to do for a certain period of time.  This time, I doing a photography group called “Fun W/ Photography & Digital Art.”  
I am hoping to share my love for photography & digital art through fun exercises, activities, & creating their own works of art.  I’m also hoping I can teach the children how to think about outside the box, be more creative with their choices, it isn’t just point & shoot.
It was a lot of fun figuring out what I wanted to do with this group since there is so much you can teach 4th graders.  And since this is the 1st time doing something like this, I wanted to make sure we kept it fun & exciting for the kids.  Having bored & unenthusiastic children to work with, would be such a pain.  I wanted to keep it simple so I split up the days with different themes to help guide them in what to take pics of like a lot of us photographers do.
Guess what image of the day?  Any takers?3

**this post is part of my Beautiful Journey series where i document an image a day with words or not, so i can remember the small special moments throughout our year**

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