Two Days of Friends

Friday the girls were able to make some snowmen after school.  I love seeing their creativity with them.  They were so excited to show me them, when I went out I didn’t realize they were mini snowmen.  The one of the left my daughter told me is where glasses and the one on the right eye fell off but she didn’t care, she was still so very proud.  She added a pipe to it, which in her eyes made it all that much better.  They worked so hard on these and were so proud, how could I not love these?
20160109_101300 20160109_101514

She always has piggy by her side, which you can tell he is super loved.  She’s had him since birth and she would be so lost without him.  Sully she carries around now, so piggy has a friend to hang out with.  On Saturday we made a family trip to the grocery store.  There my 8 yr old insisted on bringing her two favorite stuffed animals in.  She couldn’t just take one because they are best friends that come together.  A package deal.  She carefully placed them in the front seat, so they could see everything going on she said.  How cute is she?


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