“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to offer. ~Laurel Atherton”

We live in a small town, so there isn’t a lot of things to do, especially during the winter months.  One of our favorite places to bring the girls is the elementary school.  It has a little bit of every thing there, so we frequent it often.
The last time we went, my littlest one brought her new soccer ball Santa got her and played with my 8 yr old (pictured above) brought her secret diary.  They are so different, yet so much alike.  Alyssabeans has bad knees so a lot of running & sports hurt her lots.
She got bored with her diary and wanted to play, which of course didn’t last too long.  While my little one & hubby were off passing the ball & we were waiting for them to try to score, my Alyssabeans was messing around with the net, being oh so cute.  Of course I had to take a few pics, even if it’s just with my camera phone.
She loves taking & being in pics as much as I do.  I def passed my love for photography to her. This is what I will remember from this outing, how we shared our love of photography together, laughing & being silly, enjoying our time together.



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