Wordless Wednesday Party

Come join up , post your newest pic, painting, image, creative art, whatever. The more the merrier. Or check out all the awesome bloggers who take part in this link up.

Living Intentionally Simple

This past week, I’ve been sick on and off, but it has taken me the week to get back to normal.  That’s what happens when you live with a chronic illness, I’ve got good days and bad ones, good weeks and bad ones.  I know there’s a lot of people out there that can understand this.
Thankfully, I am much better so I can participate with this party, since I look forwards to it so much.  I’ve enjoyed co-hosting this party over the last few weeks because I’ve got to meet some really great new bloggers, read some interesting & helpful posts, & was able to link up a few favorite posts of my own.  Through participating in this party, I’ve reaped some benefits such as increasing my blogging confidence with my writing, given me opportunities to mingling with others….being more social, it has given me something special to look forwards…

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