Drifting Along

For the last 5 years, I have been drifting along going with the flow, but with each crashing wave, a silver of my essence….my spark, breaks away and drifts further out to sea, getting smaller and smaller till it’s no longer in sight.  How could I lose myself in the comforts of my life?  My life began to be simple, content, comfortable….even during hard times, there was still a level of comfortable, which one would think would be great.  After all, it’s something I was wanted: to be happy and comfortable in my life.  But not at the expense of losing myself.  Where & how do I move to forwards, trying to reconnect with what I’ve lost?

I don’t know if what I wrote makes sense to anyone out there, it’s very hard to explain how I feel.  Can anyone relate or understand what I am trying to express?







One response to “Drifting Along

  • LaTanya D.

    I can relate to what you’re saying. My paraphrase: At one point you were content, life was simple, you weren’t moving forward, but you weren’t moving backwards either. You were steady. Now, you’ve just noticed that for a few of those years, you were actually moving backwards. Now you’re wondering if you’ll ever catch up, at least, to where you were before. I know this feeling all too well.


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