38/365 Happiness Is……..

Happiness is……..

2013-07-20 09.14.12_tonemapped

taken @ Cape Cod

*being a mother for 15 years (it’s crazy when I think about it)

*being a wife for almost 9 years

*having my two little ones crawl into bed with me around 4am almost every morning

*waking up to my oldest giving me kisses before he leaves for school

*hearing I love you from all 5 of my children 5 times a day (at least)

*seeing your children grow as a person, trying to find who they are

*having my youngest son run through the door, in excitement showing me his plaque he won for wrestling

*seeing baby snakes hatching (who would have guessed)


*playing hide n seek at the local playground with my littlest while everyone is at school

*seeing my growth as a person when I look back over the years

*being a great friend, someone who people can rely on and know I am there without judgement

*staying home with my children, even in today’s economy

*having an amazing hard working handsome husband that comes home to me every night (unless he is traveling for work)

*being where I am, right here….right now….

*finding what I love doing and actually doing it, like writing, photography, & traveling

*traveling with and without my family to new places like Plum Island



*being in love and being loved back

*not going camping in a tent

*going kayaking with Jason in the early mornings or late evenings

*enjoying most of my days as much as I can because they won’t last forever

*knowing that even through our hardest times, there are happy times ahead


These are just a few things that pops into my head, when I think of what happiness is to me.

What is happiness to you?  What pops into your head when you think of happiness?



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