My Creativity

 “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” ~ Albert Einstein  

When I started this blog, I didn’t think much about finding my blogging groove or anything else that came along with blogging like building a following or starting your own blogging community.  I started this blog as a place I can show others my creative side through photography.  Then a few months into it, I decided I liked to write so I started writing, getting great results and feedback from many people.  That was a huge self esteem boost, one that I really needed at that moment in time.  It helped me rethink my blogging and combine all my areas of creativity into this one blog.

This blog is fun for me and I enjoy writing and connecting with others through it.  I know I am doing something right because I never thought I would have anyone interested in it, and now I have over a 100 people who likes it well enough to read my postings.  That to me is a great achievement, even if it is only a small amount of people compared to the big blogs out there.  It also makes me want to put up more quality content more often, which I am hoping I will be able to do.

I always said I didn’t want to lose focus of my blog and its mission.  That is why I had another blog for everything else like my diy, frugalness, or exploring simplicity.  While I was on vacation, I realized that all of the things I am interested in, have one common thread, creativity.  They all incorporate in some way my creativity, which I put towards everything in my life whether its being frugal, cooking unique foods, my photography, or creative writing.

Through creativity my  inner artist comes out.  And isn’t that what this blog’s mission is all about?  Exploring my inner artist, sharing with others, and having others share with me.  Art is so subjective and can cover a wide range of things, even being frugal.  My blog’s theme is very open, leaving me room to expand as I see fit.

So, without needing to change this blog at all, I will be adding different areas that I use my creativity in, sharing the results with all of you, and sharing the different ways my inner artist comes out to play.

How  do you incorporate art in your daily life?  How does your inner artist come out to play?   The creative world is so interesting because I love seeing or reading how others incorporate it into their lives.



2 responses to “My Creativity

  • heavenhappens

    When I look after my grandchildren my inner artist comes to the fore. We design and build models, paint, invent, draw, write, bead. I take photographs and when they have gone home I write illustrated stories about what they have done. I laminate the stories and keep them in a folder for when they are learning to read. It is so much easier to learn when children are reading about themselves!


  • Dee

    Hi lovely post. My inner artist these days is most inspired by our garden and I have been playing around with different things incorporating flower petals, dying beads, pressing flowers and will be taking a second pottery class mid-August where I will try to get some of the flowers working with the ceramics. I am working on a novel, slowly, and have started the blog with some of the same ideas as you have. And gratz on the 100 plus, seems a good milestone.


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