Our Scariest Moment Turned Out To Be Our Greatest Gift

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Sat night, was the scariest moment, EVER.  Every mother’s nightmare, something I never thought I would have happen to us…….did.  Within a split second, our happy world changed and turned upside down.  Luckily for us, we were being watched over, because it could have turn fatal, for my newly turned 5 year old.  Words can’t describe how I am feeling, thinking of what  could have happened and how lucky we are. Saturday night could have been the last time I saw my baby girl, held my baby girl, and soaked in her goofiness.  But instead I get to look at this and realize the wonderful gift I was given……..having more time with my beautiful baby girl.

Here’s what happened:

Saturday, was like any normal day in the nice weather, with us being outside for a majority of it.  We did yard work, I  clean up my side and front garden/yard area.  The kids helped me for a while and then went off to play.  We went out for ice cream and then went on our 1st family bike ride, (the 3 little ones, Jason, and I were all on bikes together.)

Ari is newer to the whole bike thing.  Of course, it made her much slower than the rest of us.  I decided to stay behind with her and Jason went ahead with our other two.  Ari’s biking wasn’t straight and I kept telling her to straightened out and stop trying to catch up with everyone else.  She of course didn’t listen and kept biking way to fast.  I yelled at her and she turned around to look at me.  As she did, she swerved and pedaled faster.  Just then her bike tipped over to the left and when off a cliff.

The emotions I felt at that moment are hard to describe.  I felt like I was having a heart attack.  I couldn’t breathe.  It’s a mother’s worst nightmare. In a split second my world came to a screeching halt.   I jumped off my bike, screamed and cried for Jason as I was going over the cliff after her trying to get to her.  My baby girl was screaming for me the whole time, even while I was trying to comfort her.    Jason was right there with me, maybe a second behind me.  He literally jumped over the side and slide down the hill, trying to get his grip.  He grabbed her and was able to lift her up to me.  I was reaching down from the bike path.  As I was comforting her, I looked down and saw how steep that cliff was (which is why I am calling it a cliff not a hill), that it could have been fatal.  The only thing that saved her, was her leg got stuck between her bike and a big root or tree that was on the side of the cliff.  If she wasn’t on her bike as she went over, I do believe she could have been killed.  I began crying as I was holding her, and poor Jason had to comfort me as well as her.  I was a mess.  A few minutes later, I was able to walk her back to my car and head home. I brought her to the er yesterday since she woke up with her face double the size due to swelling.  Nothing was broken or fractured.  Nothing was wrong with her eyes, nothing poked them, just a tiny piece of dirt or pebble came out of it yesterday.

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She was the luckiest girl in the world. God is always with us, I know this, but last night showed me this.  We were given a great gift and no matter how hard our days are  (you know those hard mommy days) I will never forget the gift that was given to us.  Being able to have more time with my baby girl, is such a great blessing.   This day could have turned out bad, it could have turned out to be the last day with had with our Ari Berri on Earth, but instead it was the day that God gave us a great gift.  And no matter how my days go, I know this is something that I will always have in the back of my mind, something I will never forget.  It was the day I was reminded on how precious life really is, how blessed I for my amazing husband, to be the mother of five amazing and beautiful children, and to still have our Ari Berri’s smiles & sassiness with us.

brought her out for ice cream after the ER

brought her out for ice cream after the ER






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