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Today is a great day already and it is almost 10:30 in the morning.  Not only is it my daughter’s 5th birthday (my baby-my 5th child) but I was a guest poster on a really amazing and inspirational site.  Below is a little of my post and there is a link to the rest.  Take a second and check it out.  I am just so excited I got a chance to do this, especially since I am a new blogger.  Thank you again Barbie.


Prepared For My Life Today
by Sarah @ Embracing The Seasons

First I would like to thank Barbie for giving me this chance to contribute to her inspiring site.  Thank you.

My life up until my mid-twenties was hectic, drama-filled, and stressful — very stressful at times.  As long as I can remember, things were always rough for me.  I didn’t have a normal childhood with loving parents that were proud and supportive.  My home wasn’t as joy-filled as I had wished.  There were happy times but it was scattered throughout my childhood-early adult.  I was raised with a single dad and my sister.  Because of this I felt lonely and isolated.   No one had a house like mine, so no one could truly understand me, really.

The hectic, drama, and stresses of my childhood followed me into my teens and early adulthood.  In my teen years, I ran away and ended up in a foster home.   From there I went on to be a really rebellious teen.  I did what I wanted when I wanted and no one cared.  By the time I was a mother of 3, I ended up living in a homeless shelter because of my “nothing will happen to me” mentality, and I was 23 years old.  I secretly prayed a lot during those years, thinking God wasn’t listening, but hoped He was, even though my hope was fading.  All until the day I realized my prayers had already been answered.

check out the rest at


One response to “Guest Post @ My Freshly Brewed Life

  • Barbie

    Thankful to have you! I think I may have linked everyone to your other blog in the content of my post. I hope that’s okay. Enjoy your daughter’s birthday!


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