28/365 Swing of Love


love this of my 2 oldest

This was taken last year, a time that was very hard for my son T-dog.  I love living in a small town, well 90% of the time.  This day wasn’t one of those days.

My son is a unique character, that brings a lot to the table.  He doesn’t realize just how amazing he really is yet, because he is caught between two worlds, his Dominican & Irish side.  Those two cultures are worlds apart.  Because of this, he has had the worst time making friends, which to this day he continues to struggle with.  My hope is for him one day, sooner than later, find himself and let that shine through.

My oldest daughter, who is a year younger than him, is a great support during his harder times.  This day, it was a bad day with people picking on him worse than normal.  He responded with acting out, in the end didn’t end up well for him.  It was a bad bad day..  He was really down in the dumps at home, so my daughter took him out front for someone fun time with her big brother.  She is a great sister to all her siblings.  It just melted my heart, that within minutes of her doing that he began laughing and having fun.  I had to capture this moment, for both to remember.  For him to see, how much she really loves adores him, even though she won’t admit it.  And for her to see, just how important she is to him.  How much he loves her.





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