25/365 Thong Man



Last summer, we took a family vacation on the Cape (when I say the cape, I am referring to Cape Cod), which was a lot of fun.  One thing that we all enjoyed was walking on the ocean during low tide. During this time, all the kids were running around looking at all the cool things that normally would be under water.  We found some really weird stuff here, but nothing compared to “thong man”.  Jason took the kids further than I was able to go and I sat down on some rocks.  To entertain myself while I waited for Jason and the kids, I decided to start taking some pics. Just as I was about to snap this shot, a man walks by me pretty close and I look up.  I looked at him and couldn’t believe what I saw.  He was were a thong bathing suit thingy.  His ass is completely hanging out for everyone to see.  I busted out laughing because I couldn’t believe it.  An adult man walking around in a thong, with his wife and children.  The kicker, his wife was wearing a one piece bathing suit.  I wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as my husband, if he ever did that.  Which he never ever would.  Yes, I know I am a prude American.

Thankful, he didn’t stay near me and did a quick walk-by, or I would have lost it laughing uncontrollably.  The keep myself busy so I didn’t have to look up, just in case I made eye contact with his ass, I saw the thing in the above picture this in the sand.  I decided to concentrate on taking this picture a bunch of different ways.  So head my warning, if you go to the cape, thong man is out and about BEWARE!! 


The beach can be a stomping ground for some really weird but funning stuff.  What is the funniest thing you have seen at the beach?


One response to “25/365 Thong Man

  • amforte66

    I saw a man run towards the surf at a full sprint, step in a hole that a kid had been digging, and fall flat on his face. Everyone saw and when he lifted his head, he just looked so shocked!! He laughed it off very nicely and continued on into the water. Great post! 🙂


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