23/365 One Of “Those” Moments






I have something to admit.  Something that I wanted to share with the world.  I have a secret love of ……………………..old (classic) vehicles.  As long as I could remember, I always had a fascination with old vehicles, even as a young child.  I love going to car shows and looking at all the beautiful classic vehicles inside and out.  Old vehicles was so interesting and beautiful to me.

When I started my photography journey, any time I would come across a classic car or truck,  I just have to take a picture of it.  Weirdo, I know.  If I don’t take a pic, I feel like I just missed out on something.  Even if I have to sit in the middle of the road or lay on the ground, I will get my picture, the picture that I envisioned.  Sometimes it’s the entire car and other times it is just a piece of the car, something that I found interesting or beautiful.  And if there is someone in it, apparently that won’t stop me, I will get that picture.  And here’s my story behind that.

The second picture of the green car with flames, I saw in the local hospital in town just sitting in the parking lot.  It was just sitting there, begging me to take its picture.  Since it wasn’t turned on, I thought what the hell, no one would see me being a weirdo taking a picture of a random car I just happen to stumble upon.  I took an entire car picture but didn’t like it.  So, I snapped away.  I took a few pics laying on the ground facing up and others I took hunched over it, trying to get the certain car piece’s picture.  Would I have done that if I knew someone was in the car, watching me?  Ummmmm no, no I wouldn’t.   I left the parking lot excited and couldn’t wait till nighttime to look at them.  Little did I know, that there was someone sitting in the passenger seat watching me the entire time, not saying a word or letting me know someone was in there.  As I looked through my pics, I noticed something and upon further investigation I quickly learned that there was someone in the car, watching me the entire time.  I busted out laughing, feeling completely embarrassed.  I couldn’t believe it!  Somone just sat there watching me, getting a kick out of my photo obsession, being a crazy photographer. ahahahahahaha.

Now I know, when I see an old car with tinted windows that there could be someone in there, ready to watch their Sera Show.  I should always knock and ask permission before I attempt this.  That way this moment won’t happen again, well it will but not with photographing old cars.  Gotta love those moments 🙂

What is something embarrassing you have done, without knowing that someone was watching you make a fool of yourself?  How long did it take you to realize you weren’t alone?


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