22/365 Fishing With My Daddy

“All of the time I spent with you, are going to be sweet memories for the rest of my life.  You are my inspiration.” ~unknown

2014-04-27 10.33.03 2014-04-27 10.34.09-1

“My daddy is the best!”  That’s what the girlies always say.  They love and adore him, with every piece of their heart and soul.  They don’t get to spend much time with him, since he is always traveling and off working hard so I can be home with the kids.  Being able to stay home with 5 kids in today’s society, is such a big blessing.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But because of his sacrifice, the time he gets with the kids mean a lot to him, even when he doesn’t show it.  Last Sunday, he was able to take the girls fishing while I took some pics.  The girls love fishing with their dad, even if their attention span isn’t very long.  They love spending time with him, but they just wished he had more time to spend with them.


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