20/365 That Special Spot

“Our connection with nature is our connection with ourselves, as we treat her, so we treat ourselves.  Let us be gentle and respectful, insightful, and courageously caring.” ~Yoko

2014-04-28 16.51.32_43_50_tonemapped

**Sorry I have been so quiet here lately.  I have been under more stress than normal and I haven’t been feeling well.**

The last few days, have had more stress than normal.  What do you do to handle your stressful times?  Me, well I go to my special place, that helps me to relax and simply enjoy the beauty around me.  This spot is a place I go to escape my life, when I just need to step away and take a breather.  What makes this spot so special to me?  This place was one of the first places I found, when I first moved out here.  I love going here because even if I need to relax I can bring the kids since there is so many things to do here like swimming, kayaking, playing at the playground, going on numerous hiking trails, bring the dog for a walk, skipping rocks, practice my photography, eat lunch or dinner, and walk around aimlessly taking in all of the beauty that this place offers.  Plus, the view is amazing.


What is your special stress relieving spot?  And why do you like it?



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4 responses to “20/365 That Special Spot

  • pavanneh

    My special stress relieving spot is the woods. Actually anywhere outdoors. When I lived in Virginia I would go to the water. I miss the water. I have a real affinity for it. I love to walk in nature. Especially if there is a strong wind. I love to stand in the woods and close my eyes, just listen and feel. I find it grounds me and clears my mind.


  • seraireland

    Nature is so healing. I too, love walking in nature, well if I go to deep into the woods, I tend to start freaking out, thinking about every single horror movie I have ever watched. lol.
    I love closing my eyes, listening to nature. Even when I am at home, I love sitting on my swing, closing my eyes, and just listening to the world around me.


    • pavanneh

      I can so relate to that. I am hoping to eventually create a garden in the back where I can have shade trees and a sitting place for quiet meditation.


      • seraireland

        That sounds nice and peaceful. I hope you are able to create exactly what you envision.
        I didn’t realize how much work really goes into gardening till we had a yard that I was able to have a garden. When we bought our house, there was already a small garden spot all set up ready for veggies. But little did I know how hard it was. I thought it was easy since you see so many retired adults doing it. This year, since I am feeling better (health wise) I am hoping to have a pretty good garden going and if I am lucky to get my front flower garden all cleaned up.


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