**In my group, the assignment today was to write a post that was on my mind when I decided to start this blog.**

When I started this blog, I feared that no one would visit or even be interested in anything I posted about.  I really want to focus not only what I post but also building an audience.  After all, how much fun would it be talking to myself.  I am human and  LOVE interacting with others.  But with so many blogs out there, it seems so overwhelming.  How will my corner of the giant world, even get noticed.  Originally, when I started this blog, I just wanted a place to share my photography, to share my world & how I see it, as well as to interact with other photography & art lovers.  But over the last few months, I have done more with writing and come to find out I enjoy writing as much as my photography.  It fit well with my blog’s mission, which is:

“….to have a positive place to document my artistic journey through my photography & other works of art (which I will be exploring & sharing in the near future) by sharing the beauty I find, thoughts & ideas, interesting reads, or anything else that I feel would benefit my readers……..I want to encourage others through my journey whether it is by sharing inspiring, uplifting, or things of interest that I stumble upon during my weeks.  Sharing creativity with like minded individuals.  Over time I hope that others will share with me bits n pieces of their journey.  It’s a two-way street here.  I would love to have a showcase of people’s art (of all kinds) on here for everyone to view.”

As, I continue to share the things I find uplifting, inspiring, fun, interesting, beautiful, creative…….I hope  that others will stumbling on in and contribute their ideas and thoughts to my blog, sharing with one another.  I started with just me and hoped to eventually increase it to a small community.


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