7/365 Journey Together

**You know how life gets in the way of the things we want to do for ourselves, hence being a parent.  For the last few weeks, I have had numerous sick kids, have been recovering from my surgery, started my spring class (I will get my bachelors in Psychology  one class at a time if I have too.  But I will do it.), and other things that have taken up my time.  Even though I just started my 365 project, I had to put it on hold.  I am not wonder woman or even a distant cousin of hers.  Things are getting back to our normal so  today, I am restarting my project starting from day 7.  I could have just put anything up for those days I missed but that isn’t want I wanted for my project, so I decided against that.  So here’s the restart of my creative project.**

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2014-03-08 15.07.29_tonemapped


My girls are the closest any siblings or children can be.  Their journey so far has been together.  Ever since I had my littlest one, they have been super close, like twins.  Even though they are 18 months apart (Irish twins), if you didn’t know them, you probably couldn’t tell.  I guess it’s my fault, since I have always treated them like twins.  I just thought it was easier to do everything in twos rather than leaving one child out, not on purpose, but being the 4th kid in a 5 kid family, you can see where a child could get left out.

Every day they wake up together, spend the day together (on weekends) or Ari Berri  waits in excitement for Squishy to get home, playing and arguing, making castles and pretending they are My Little Ponies, and ending their day together, just as they started.  They have a special bond, that you can see, if you spent any time with them.  It’s amazing how close and how much they truly love one another.  I myself, never had that, even now.  It was something that was never achievable in my family, even though I always secretly wanted it.  I hope my girlies are best friends for life, just like my husband and his little brother are.


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