Our Beautiful World: Soft Dog

Along with my Sunday scriptures & snapshot, I decided to do a beautiful world.  I think that this will be an ongoing event for my blog.  And if time allows I may decide to do sunday scavenger hunt with the kids.  I thought that would be a fun way to incorporate my children and photography.

Jason had the day off so he and I took the girls and Rosco for a walk while the girls helped me find the words we were looking for.  It was lots of fun and the girls, especially Squishy, had fun doing it with me.  I told them we could do this every Sunday as long as the weather and my health permits.  Here’s what we found on our photo walk today for our post.  ~ENJOY~

My interpretation of  the weekly word SOFT:

We love Rosco, he is the best dog EVER!  We got him 2 years ago at the local animal shelter, after months and months of searching.  No one would even consider us for adopting a dog since we had 5 kids.  It was rude and crazy.  Talk about being descriminated against.  Finally we found an animal shelter that met us and let us look at the different dogs that just came from down south.  Rosco they said wouldn’t fit our family but we met him and took him out for a walk.  Now, Squishy and I are afraid of dogs so we had to find a special one, a needle in a haystack.  Low and behold, Rosco was our dog.

The previous owners gave him up because he kept running away, which he still does sometimes today.  But what a dog they gave up.  He is really well behaved, we can take him anywhere or leave him at home.  The worst thing he does is he gets into the trash sometimes and occasionally pees on the floor.  What a wonderful addition to our family, he made.  Rosco is def my dog since I am home with him all the time.  And I couldn’t have found a better dog.  We love our Rosco!!

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