Life Through The Lens- Lighting & Texture

This post is late because of all the snow we got.  We got slammed a whooping 15 inches last night, which isn’t all that much for my area.  Still within the last few weeks we have been getting hit again and again and again.  So in order to get my post published, I combined it with another.

Lighting is one of the most important things in photography.  It can a snapshot and make it into spectacular piece. I have taken some blah pictures and then rethought the lighting and voila……my masterpieces are born……below are of my examples….some photographs that I just love.

I love each of these for different reasons (and not just because my kids are so darn cute but that helps),  lighting in each of these makes these pictures awesome.  In the last 2 the lighting is obvious to anyone who looks at them,but the first one I did play around with lighting a bit to achieve my ultimate picture.  I gave you different examples of different ways you can play around with your lighting within your picture, natural and/or through editing.




This week over at Four Simply Living  (click on the original pic to bring you to her site), a blog that I have just started following over the last few weeks,offered  us to take her pic and finish it.  I am just a hobbyist, in which I have a TON of areas and a million things within them yet to learn.  Textures is one of them.  I don’t know much about them, since I haven’t used them in my photography yet.  Actually, I think I used it once, just as an experiment.  With that being said, the second picture you can see my changes: adding texture, adding a nice quote and increased the brightness a little……..nothing too dramatic…changing it slightly.


the original picture

Textured-ice 1 I forgot how much fun it was playing around with my editing tools.  It’s has been a long time since I used my camera and download pics from it since I lost my 2nd battery charger.  I was determined to find it and wouldn’t buy another one.  But a month later, I broke down and tomorrow I will FINALLY be able to use my camera again.  My cell phone just doesn’t do my pictures justice.   So expect to see an increase in photos over the next week.


3 responses to “Life Through The Lens- Lighting & Texture

  • Lisa @ FSL

    The lighting in your pictures is stunningly beautiful.

    Your final edit of my pictures is great! Thanks for taking a crack at it. 🙂


    • seraireland

      I am so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for posting my blog on your Facebook. I am not currently on Facebook so I miss all that exposure. That was really nice of you to do that. It was lots of fun finishing your pic. Thanks again for letting me. 🙂


      • Lisa @ FSL

        Oh no problem on posting to Facebook. It was fun to have you on there :-). Seeing these picture on the big screen, your lighting is stunning… I really like the second one


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